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How We Can Help?

If the vision that you have in your head is not matched by any off-the-shelf summer houses, bespoke garden buildings are the solution. Employing the services of professional garden house designers and skilled craftsmen allows you freedom over shape and styles of the build.
Bespoke structures will be created to fully optimize the space, sources of natural light and the view. Specific materials can be incorporated into the building, such as reclaimed doors and windows, or timber shingle roof options, which can add character.
The layout of the building can be styled to perfectly fit your intentions for a workshop, gym, yoga studio, office, games room or play space. You might even include solar panels, rainwater harvesting or living walls full of plants for a truly eco-pod.
We at AJ’s specialize in building custom garden cabins, specifically to meet your needs. Get in touch and we will love to help your dream come true.

Working Process

f this is your plan, a good Garden cabin could be the perfect solution for your needs. We have build many such cabins for our customers who use them for various purposes. These can vary in size and style, depending upon the space available and the purpose.
  • 1.Consultation
  • 2.Design & Work
  • 3.Complete & Maintenance

Why not message us if you have an idea, and we will very happy to share how we can make your idea into a reality and you could be working from your Garden cabin in no time.

Services Features:

Frequently Asked Questions

AJ's custom wood work is a bespoke carpentry service. We source locally cut timber and turn it into locally produced live edge products. We have a shop on our website where we offer products to be built within our scope and spec but we also take on commissioned pieces. Our clients will get in contact with us and speak to James about what they want delivered within their project. There is no idea out there, we like to try and tackle any challenge presented to us. 
Live edge timber needs to be looked after, we offer a 12 month workman's guarantee. We are always at the other end of the phone if questions need to be answered.
This depends on the size of the project. We have found that the average job in bournemouth, dorset will take between 1-5days.
Anything bespoke and custom! We love every job big or small and tackle it with the same enthusiasm. We also do Timber frame buildings, bespoke cabins and garden rooms.

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