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A garden room from AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks is a fantastic way to expand your home’s interior space at a very reasonable price.With good reason, Garden Cabins in Dorset rooms are becoming more and more popular. To make use of outdoor spaces that would otherwise be unusable for a large portion of the year, people want to have more usable space on their property.

Our made-of-wood Garden Cabins in Dorset rooms are constructed with durable materials, and every element of our designs is of the highest calibre.

If you require additional space, such as a garden room, teenage den, office, or simply a place to unwind, Garden Cabins in Dorset Master will design and construct a building to meet your requirements exactly.

Every one of our garden rooms is custom-built, taking into account the specific needs of each client.

With AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks, you can create a high-quality space in your garden for a considerable amount of money than it would cost to expand your home.

Our garden rooms also don’t usually require planning permission and will undoubtedly increase the value of your house.

Working Process

Is a Garden Cabins in Dorset you’re looking for? There are a lot of reasons, so I’ll start with the main one that has led so many of our clients to pick AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks.

We design your cabin around you, not around us! You don’t have to have a pre-built structure made in bulk from pre-fabricated panels, just like the neighbours’ family!

At AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks, we design, produce, and install all of our own buildings based on your ideal concept, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction throughout the entire process.

We made sure we knew exactly where you needed from the beginning by including a free site survey and free design drawings with all of our buildings.

Full Landscapes Services Features:

’All prices are subject to VAT.  VAT charges may vary depending upon the prevailing current rate. The exact VAT applicable to your work will be confirmed on our written quotation.’


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?
AJ’s custom wood work is a bespoke carpentry service. We source locally cut timber and turn it into locally produced live edge products. We have a shop on our website where we offer products to be built within our scope and spec but we also take on commissioned pieces. Our clients will get in contact with us and speak to James about what they want delivered within their project. There is no idea out there, we like to try and tackle any challenge presented to us.
Live edge timber needs to be looked after, we offer a 12 month workman’s guarantee. We are always at the other end of the phone if questions need to be answered.
This depends on the size of the project. We have found that the average job in bournemouth, dorset will take between 1-5days.
Anything bespoke and custom! We love every job big or small and tackle it with the same enthusiasm. We also do Timber frame buildings, bespoke cabins and garden rooms.

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