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Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.

How We Can Help?

You can utilize the full potential of your space with custom build furniture that better suit you and your surroundings. AJ’s Custom Wood Design specializes in overcoming challenges faced by many home owners with space and having functional furniture that fits in.
You don’t need to buy what everyone else has got, instead get your own custom piece of furniture, that fits exactly where you would like it to giving your home a unique yet functional space. At AJ’s Custom Wood Design, we keep an eye out for custom designs based on themes that are either upcoming or are ever green.

Working Process

Send us a message on here and we can come up with ideas for your space or if you already have an idea we can create that custom bespoke project for you.

  • 1.Consultation
  • 2.Design & Work
  • 3.Complete & Maintenance

If you have got an idea and would like for us to create something custom based on a theme, send us a message and we will show how we can create pretty much anything you can think of,

Services Features:

AJ’s is a 3 part process. @ajs.treefellas cut down the raw timber, Our colleague @Wildwoodtable Mills it up, then it’s made into bespoke furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

AJ's custom wood work is a bespoke carpentry service. We source locally cut timber and turn it into locally produced live edge products. We have a shop on our website where we offer products to be built within our scope and spec but we also take on commissioned pieces. Our clients will get in contact with us and speak to James about what they want delivered within their project. There is no idea out there, we like to try and tackle any challenge presented to us.
Live edge timber needs to be looked after, we offer a 12 month workman's guarantee. We are always at the other end of the phone if questions need to be answered.
This depends on the size of the project. We have found that the average job in bournemouth, dorset will take between 1-5days.
Anything bespoke and custom! We love every job big or small and tackle it with the same enthusiasm. We also do Timber frame buildings, bespoke cabins and garden rooms..

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