What is landscaping?

Landscaping has 3 key areas; Design, hardscape and softscape. We have found from Landscaping gardens in Bournemouth, Dorset that you will meet a client and talk through a landscaping design, go away and design the garden and price accordingly. Once the client is happy with the landscaping scope, the 2nd stage of landscaping is the hardscape of the garden. This refers to anything ‘hard’ like; level changes, patios, walls and any fixed hard features/materials within a landscaped garden. The 3rd and final stage of landscaping is the softscape, this refers to anything ‘soft’ like; turf, planting schemes, pergolas or any other soft material used in landscape design for a landscape gardener.

What is the best time of year to do landscaping?

In my opinion, the best time of year to do landscaping is the summer months, June-October to avoid the rain in Dorset, uk. That being said, landscaping is an all-year-round job. There are some areas of landscaping that can be done in the rain, mainly softscapes. Sometimes the day may be called off due to the weather being too wet, or cold. When landscape gardening wet weather can cause the site to become muddy and unsafe, in cold/freezing weather cement won’t set and grass won’t take. The best time of year to do landscaping is summer, but during the winter months there may be some days lost to wet or cold weather.

What is the cheapest type of landscaping?

The cheapest type of landscaping is DIY. There are lots of handy tips and tricks out there to maximize your garden with minimum cost. If you are ever in doubt, get a landscape gardener or landscape designer in to help you/give you direction. The cheapest type of landscaping is to re-use what you have. I always try and incorporate some of the old garden into a new landscape design. One of my favourites is re-using old plants, rockeries to make features and Belfast sinks!! Whatever the outcome, the cheapest type of landscaping is DIY but if in doubt, ask a professional.

What do landscapers mean?

A Landscaper is a person who is multi skilled. They can do everything external to your property, from; driveways to patios, Pagolas to garden rooms, walls to cladding. Landscapers are multi skilled workers who can create your ideal landscape garden design through the process of landscaping.

What is the difference between a gardener and a landscape gardener?

Even though gardener and landscape gardener sound the same, they are both very different. A garden is a person who looks after plants, shrubs and lawns. They make sure that your plants and shrubs are healthy by pruning and feeding them, this is through years of experience or through the correct college course. A Landscape gardener is person who undertakes the construction side of the industry and will help you design and build your perfect garden. A well rounded landscape gardener will have elements of both side of the industry.

How much does a landscape designer cost?

With any design work, this can be as expensive or a cheap as you want/need. In my opinion in Dorset, uk. A small garden with basics designs can be between £300-£500. That same small garden if wanting a very in-depth landscape design could cost £500-£1200. The things to remember when wondering how much a landscape designer cost’, is to know what material you want and a basic idea of the garden. Also let the landscape designer know your desired design spec and budget. This will always help the designer in there costings and also build designs.

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