What makes a good garden room?


There are many different garden rooms for many different uses within landscape gardening, with a multitude of different materials. When I am asked what makes a good garden toom? It all depends on what use you have in mind for it.

A lot of people go for a log cabin/summer house for a light use in the garden, generally these are uninsulated and single skin, so perfect for hosting a summer party. If you move it up a few notches you can get an insulated log cabin, these come at a higher cost but this would be an extension to you house and turned into another useable all year-round room. Finally, you can go all singing and dancing and go totally bespoke with cedar/cement board cladding, these come at the highest cost because of the material used to finish.

All of the above choices can come with electricity as well, always ask your contractor if it is built into the price.  You can build a garden room up to 30m2 with electricity without planning permission, if you wanted to go bigger than 30m2 or have water/waste services you will need to apply for planning permission.

This brings me back around to the original question, what makes a good garden room? It is always worth knowing what you want and need from your garden room. Budget is always a key factor for any build so its always the style of garden room and the material to finish with wisely. If size is a key factor and you feel ‘bigger is better’ please read on below for some unique points of view.

Here at AJs Landscapes & Groundworks we have become an associate of North Coast log cabins, they offer a wide range of cabins from log cabins through to bespoke and custom builds. AJs and North Coast log cabins have a vast knowledge in custom and bespoke wood work and naturally cabins tie into this as well. We have found a very effective yet clever way to build a cabin that is completely mobile, can be separated, lifted and transported to another location. This means you are not governed by local planning authorities but will need to get other permissions from your local council in order to do this.

AJs Landscapes and Groundworks & North Coast log cabins are happy to build you any size cabin, from a small single skin log cabin to a double story 3-bedroom bespoke cabin. We are competent in out methods from quote, gaining appropriate permission, workshop build and site build.

If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring!

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